Tuesday, August 25, 2009

back at it again

woke up from a dream where i witnessed a murder. victim was an old boss i had interned for - he always reminded me of adrien brody but in this scenario he was more like michael corleon. he was wearing a faded pinkish orange beanie with stripes and a blue puffy jacket. and it was winter - particularly white snow. we were hiding in a bare apt with just a huge desk and a chair. a couple floors up overlooking a barren park. as far as i could tell we were not in la. he was on the phone arguing. i must've been a child or something because i kept on looking up at him, noticing the dark stubble on his chin. i could tell he was upset, weary, and worried. my point of view changed direction. i crossed behind him and suddenly noticed a gun pointed to his head, it was aiming up from his neck. the man holding the gun was his brother - a much more meaner version of him. i didn't actually see what he looked like. but somehow i just knew. and understood this was who he was fighting with. who he wanted to kill as well. and now he had been set up, out witted by the phone call. it was quick. i didn't see it happen. i looked away... flinching... BANG! my heart made a single heavy beat. but the one shot didn't do it. it was as if it was on purpose. we were on a lookout now. same apt. only now i didn't see him. i was looking at someone else who's face was completely bandaged and bleeding through the nose. this "bodyguard" slouched on the sofa holding a long rifle in between his legs. i had no idea why he was injured, and how he was going to protect us. corleone was there because he was talking and pacing around. scared, worried, and hurt. but i coudn't stop looking at this "bodyguard", who was supposedly going to stand watch and take care of the brother with his rifle and with no vision. there was no way he could do it, and he knew it. as far as we could tell they were dead men. just waiting in suspense and fear. my heart still pounding.

my wrist hurts from drafting. i'm almost there.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Peter Bjorn & John - Fingerprints

PB+J played a private and intimate in-store show Friday night at LB's Fingerprints. Here's a video of their song Objects of My Affection, and thank god I captured this because it sounds great acoustic. They played only 5 songs, and unfortunately Victoria was not present. Pretty fun Swedes though!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Hot Chip - Henry Fonda Theater

one of the highlights of the show: 'no fit state' w/ a great interlude rendition of new order's temptation. bass was bumping on the bottom floor. craig pfunder sighting from vhs or beta. and an encore ending w/ 'over and over'. enjoy...

Asobi Seksu - Troubadour

Monday, October 23, 2006

Beirut at the Troubadour

This is a performance of one of their new tracks "Elephant Gun". It's better to wait til the whole file downloads - the music stream is definitely better than the image quality (damn file compression)! Read a pitchfork review of the track here

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sec A Row A

YouTube it

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Band of Horses

singing THE FUNERAL live at The Echo, Friday May 30th.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Bah Bah Bah Baaaaaaahhhhhhh

cindykchao: superman theme song
arclaverie: hahah
arclaverie: did you see?!!!!
cindykchao: yeah i did
arclaverie: verdict:
cindykchao: we think it shoujld be called superman stalker
arclaverie: ok, mmhmm, proceed
cindykchao: but it was good!! i had my doubts about brandon routh but he passed
arclaverie: hate kate?
cindykchao: although superman was a little bit wierd at some points
cindykchao: no way i liked her
arclaverie: ugh, you're the only one
arclaverie: i hear she's boring
cindykchao: really?
cindykchao: she's wasn't that boring
cindykchao: it was long though
arclaverie: yeah
arclaverie: 2:40 or somethign?
arclaverie: parker posey's good huh?
cindykchao: yeah almost 3 hours
cindykchao: she is and so is lex
arclaverie: i think i may go visit my bro
arclaverie: see it imax
arclaverie: this weekend
arclaverie: it's a thought
cindykchao: do it
cindykchao: so how was kate boring?
arclaverie: no personality
arclaverie: not feisty like margot
cindykchao: i mean maybe it was her character that was
arclaverie: yeah, my brother called her more modern day
cindykchao: well she was a bit strung
arclaverie: grumpy reporter
cindykchao: i don't know the old series to compare
cindykchao: more snotty reporter than anything
cindykchao: here's another review:
cindykchao: cindykchao: go watch superman!
buchnaner: no
buchnaner: i didnt like it
cindykchao: buchnaner: toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *deep breath* ooooooooooooooooooooooooo long
arclaverie: who is this
arclaverie: grrrrr
cindykchao: buchnaner: they had two editors they needed 6
arclaverie: i hate the too long people
cindykchao: buchnaner: it looked pretty, but i didnt feel any emotional connection
arclaverie: grow a fucking attention span
cindykchao: buchnaner: i didn't think the action was all that cool either...i mean they showed EVERYTHING in the trailers
arclaverie: my bro said the editing was really good
cindykchao: i thought so too, it was long, but i didn't realize it til the end
cindykchao: when i was like whoah its 12! and we watched the 9p showing
cindykchao: brandon's good though
cindykchao: and the opening titles really work you into excitement
arclaverie: you love brandon!
cindykchao: i wanted to raise my one arm and fly
arclaverie: who is this reviewer
cindykchao: oh my old intern
arclaverie: yeah, all the reviews said the flying was exciting
arclaverie: so is it the best summer blockbuster?
cindykchao: and wha'ts his face
cindykchao: scott in xmen
cindykchao: i feel bad for him
arclaverie: he always plays that guy, huh
cindykchao: yeah! i was like wha!!!!
cindykchao: but the first superman save scene
cindykchao: is intense
cindykchao: really good editing
cindykchao: i don't want to give it away
cindykchao: but i'm surprised lois didn't come out w/ cuts blood bruises
arclaverie: cool!
cindykchao: if it was her stunt double amazing
cindykchao: id crack some ribs for sure
arclaverie: break a spleen perhaps
cindykchao: aaaaaaaah yeaaaaaaaaaaah!
cindykchao: but i'd say the best thing about the movie were the opening credits, brandon, parker posey, and all the action scenes
cindykchao: plus the flying ones
arclaverie: well good
arclaverie: sounds fun.
cindykchao: bahbahbhahbhbhabaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
cindykchao: yeah some guys dressed up as superman too
cindykchao: even had the hair curl